ADDOTHERM™ K-660 is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid specifically designed for use in non- pressurized, indirect, Liquid heat transfer systems. With a pour point of only -33 ˚F (-27 ˚C), ADD-THERM™ K660 is readily pumpable (i.e., exhibits a viscosity of < 400 cSt) at 41 ˚F (5 ˚C) insuring easy start uo under almost any conditions.

ADDOTHERM ™ K-660 offers exceptional thermal stability and resistance to oxidation in the temperature range from 32 – 653 ˚F (0 – 345 ˚C), but superior performance in the range from 150 – 653 ˚F (65 – 45 ˚C) where its kinematic viscosity is below 10 cSt and turbulent flow can generally be assured.

At higher temperatures, ADDOTHERM™ K-660 offers lower vapor pressure, a higher normal boiling point, and significantly higher flash and autoignition temperature than its closest competitive alternatives

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