It’s a synthetic base heat Transfer Fluid, especially designed for the use up to 330 ° heat transfer fluid contains a mixture of diphenylethane and alkylated aromatics. Compared to hot oils, it exhibits better thermal stability, particularly at the upper end of hot oil’s use range, and significantly better low-temperature pumpability.

ADDOTHERM K-FQ has better thermal stability than hot oils, particularly noticeable at the upper end of hot oils’ use range [at temperatures above 500°F (260°C)]. Furthermore, the low-temperature pumpability of ADDOTHERM K-FQ fluid is significantly better than that of a typical hot oil. Throughout its operating range, the low viscosity of ADDOTHERM K-FQ fluid contributes to heat transfer efficiency. Its film coefficient at 600°F (315°C) is 42 percent higher than a typical hot oil. ADDOTHERM K-FQ fluid is also noncorrosive to common metals and alloys, assuring compatibility with most heat transfer systems.


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