Global Specialty Chemicals “GSC” Company provides professional and customer oriented reclamation services providing high quality and long life performance to the customer’s fluids. Global Specialty Chemical Company provides transparent all inclusive reclamation services. The term all-inclusive refers to the fact that we take care of all the variables that are a part of the reclamation services. This includes project analysis, logistics, distillation, reinstallation and various other activities. This helps us to provide reclamation services to our customer without affecting their plant productivity and production capacity.

Global Specialty Chemical provides two types of services to our customers.

On-Site Reclamation Services

Global Specialty Chemical, with its experience in reclamation services and latest technology, has designed a portable, skid mounted unit that can provide exceptional reclamation services to our customers without ever stopping the production of their plants. The skid mounted unit can be placed at our customer’s plant site and remove contaminants from the fluid while the plants stay fully operational throughout the process resulting in increased productivity and quality of the system.

Using GSC’s Short Path Distillation technology, we have designed the fully automated reclamation unit. We kept the design of the unit mechanically simple in order to make the unit safe to use and relatively low cost to maintain. Our unit is capable of reclaiming various chemicals while contributing in saving the environment, keeping the cost of operation to a minimum and adding value to our customer’s merchandise.

Off-Site Reclamation Services

Global Specialty Chemicals Company also provides “Total Fluid Management”. This service allows our customers to send their contaminated fluids to our permanent facilities in the eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and reclaim their fluids to almost virgin states and top up the yield lost. The reclaimed fluid toped up with virgin fluids provides our customers the most optimal solution in keeping the cost to a minimum while maintaining the virgin fluids quality.

Global Specialty Chemical also provides free analytical service to our customers under the Total Fluid Management Program. In this service, we monitor the fluids condition on a schedule basis and provide our expert technical suggestions and provide prompt feedback to queries and question from the customers to make sure that your fluids operate at their best all the time.


A service agreement is recommended for the following business advantages:

  • A company wishes to supplement its existing on-site technical abilities.
  • A company, on the basis of a strategic decision wants to avoid investing in this aspect of infrastructure, function and expertise.
  • A company wanting to control its costs and capital investments.
  • A company, as a matter of strategy, wishes to outsource this function.

These are just some benefits of subscribing to a business agreement.

Technical advantages that come with the package are:

Global Specialty Chemicals Company brings extra efficiencies to you with the ADDOSERVE services.

  • Safer system
  • Higher flash points and fire points.
  • Eliminate /reduce carbon foiling / depositing.
  • Accurate sampling and analysis using state of the art equipment.
  • System optimized for greater safety and efficiency.
  • No need to clean system at backend of fluid life.
  • Fluid managed as per international and local industrial safety / legal guidelines.
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