Sulfinol is a composite solvent which has better properties than purely chemical properties. The main properties that ake Sulfinol the better choice of a solvent are:

  • Higher acid Gas Loading
  • The required energy for regeneration if relatively lower.

The other main advantage of using Sulfinol over other solvent chemicals is the ability of meeting with severs product specifications. Is also has the ability for selective abortion and co absorption.

The example of such a process would be the selective absorption of the Hydrogen Sulphide H2S, Carbonyl Sulphide COS and mercaptans while co-absorption of Carbon Dioxide CO2.

Following are the few of the treatment that Sulfinol process is able to perform

Streams To be Treated Contaminants
Natural Gas H2S, CO2, COS, RSH, Organic S
Oil and Coal Gasification H2S (Selectively removed), COS
Natural Gases H2S, CO2, (Partly)
LNG Feedstock, hydrogen manufacture synthesis gasses. CO2

Currently there are three products of Sulfinol. These products differentiate between each other on the composition bases.

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